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Haruki Mori

Lead Guide

Nature in Canada has impressed me so much, and, now I know that nature is indispensable in my life. Actually, I didn't know how awesome nature is before I came to Canada. I used to travel abroad with my family. That brought me to Canada to study tourism at a university on Vancouver Island. During my stay on the beautiful island, I had been attracted by the magnificent nature there. Since the time, I am always impressed and feel unlimited power when I see various sceneries of nature by doing nothing, but just watching and feeling them. I believe that nature solves so many problems too, like I go watch the stars whenever I am stressed out. Also, living in nature in Canada made me grow up incredibly. There are so many things I am able to do now, which I could not do in Japan. As one of the examples, I can fish and clean a fish by myself now compared to the time when my dad used to help me to fish. I would love to tell people, especially from other countries, the power of nature by giving the opportunities to experience the magnificent nature in Canada. Whitehorse is one of the convenient places to come visit and see the powerful nature in Canada. So, I hope that I can help you to have an unforgettable experience in Whitehorse surrounded the beautiful nature including Northern lights.