1st Prize "Tundra"

Winner: Helga Pichler
Titel: Tundra
Location: Eagle Plains, YT

Helga is the grand prize winner of the 4-days Aurora Viewing Tour with Arctic Range Adventure! This image received votes from all judges, and was the clear winner from the top-rated. This well-balanced photo captures with great contrast the vast beauty of the Arctic Tundra during the winter. Congratulations Helga!

1st Prize "Tundra" Helga Pichler


2nd Prize "Lynx"

Winner: Aoshima Mitsuo
Titel: Lynx
Location: Whitehorse, YT

Aoshima is the winner of a Waterproof Gear Bag from Arctic Range Adventure! This inspirational photography captures one of the unique moments to spot a Lynx. Congratulations Aoshima!

2nd Prize "Lynx" Aoshima Mitsuo


3rd Prize "Aurora Circle"

Winner: Samar Fargal
Titel: Aurora Circle
Location: Whitehorse, YT

Samar is the winner of a Beetle Bag from Arctic Range Adventure! This photo captures a Aurora Circle. Congratulations Samar!

3rd Prize "Aurora Circle" Samar Fargal

Honorable Mention

Kids in Tuk Helga Pichler
Rising Aurora Yutaka Aoshima