Jessica Gonzalez Hernandez

Reservations Supervisor, Lead Guide

Life has surprised me with the unimaginable opportunity to "work" showing the majestic Northern Lights in WhiteHorse, Yukon. A simply incredible city that tells stories, breathes through the Forest and flourishes between Lakes and the huge Yukon River. I wish everyone to enjoy the sublime experience, which is to see for the first time with amazement this gift from our Creator, the Northern Lights, and that unique starry sky they never cease to amaze me; And when we look higher up and around us, we stop ignoring how small we are and how much we need to connect. Therefore, I invite you to feel what no photograph could express, and that you appreciate it with YOUR OWN EYES, it will take your breath away. So, don't put it off any longer and take your suitcase. We await you with great emotion and with the best protection measures, for your health and ours, but above all so that you can continue to surprise yourself and enjoy this beautiful life. See you soon traveler.