Ben Eaton

Lead Guide

I have always spent time outdoors, learning what I was looking at and how to turn seemingly quiet beings into swords and axes when young, tools and shelter as I have grown. But once I learned to stop and listen to the trees, the wind, the mountains and the land, did I understand the true meaning of being a part of it all. Travelling ever upward in altitude to discover new and amazing things, experiences, and otherworldly phenomena has led me all the way to the Yukon. I have an endless need to learn and experience new things. Touring with me will leave you a deeper understanding of the natural, icy world we live in and how you too can be part of an amazing thing. To end with a quote from Robert Macfarlene's 'Mountains Of The Mind', 'This is the human paradox of altitude: that it both exalts the individual mind and erases it. Those who travel to mountain tops are half in love with themselves, and half in love with oblivion.'