It was lovely to meet you!
We really enjoyed our trip in Whitehorse.
All of your tours were very exciting including Kluane National Park Tour and Hiking Tour.
We were also inspired by the great nature of Yukon and our love for Yukon has grown.
It was first time for us to take a trip to Yukon.
Therefor we were a little bit worried about what kind of place it will be .
But when we got to Whitehorse, I realized I did'nt have to worry about our trip actually.
We really appreciate your hospitalities.
Your friendly smiles made us feel perfectly relieved, so we were relaxed and had a good time like we were with our close friends. 
We really enjoyed hearing about your life in Yukon―a lot of amazing stories!
It seems that you can live life to the fullest there. 
That's Fantastic. I really envy your life style! 
We hope to visit Whitehorse someday and see you again soon.
We are grateful for these lovely days.