My wife made a great choice of going to Whitehorse,Canada for viewing the northern lights. Not too cold and many things to see and do there and the areas surrounding Whitehorse. September 3rd, 2016 is THE night that viewing the aurora borealis was the best since the season began in August, according to our tour guide. Our tour group Arctic Range was fabulous and the tour guide Keigo was fantastic and so patient to teach me how to use my camera for my own shots of the northern lights up at a cabin about 30 minutes away from the town. There were light snacks and hot beverages with a warm heater to keep the others warm. There were 2 teepees there with one of them with a lit camp fire to keep some of us warm. The photos of us with the northern lights in the background was to die for. A once in a lifetime experience. Now I can die happy! My wife is so grateful and happy with Keigo's help that she sent Keigo a package of goodies from Hawaii! I hope he enjoys them! Thank you Keigo, we will return again soon!