A spectacular flight from Whitehorse to deep in the heart of Kluane. A World Heritage Site since1979, Kluane National Park & Reserve is home to lush valleys, glaciers and grizzlies, as well as mountain goats, moose and wolves. Amongst Canada’s highest peaks, Mount Logan rises to 19,545 feet above sea level (5959 meters). It is surrounded by the world’s largest non-polar ice-fields.

5.0 hours    Aug 15 to Oct 15    From: CAD 1,109.00
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Departing Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital, we fly south to magnificent ice fields and the Chilkoot Range over the Chilkoot Pass to follow the famous route of the last big Gold Rush of North America. At the end of the Chilkoot trail we will fly over the historical site at Lake Bennett before we follow the shores of Lake Bennett to see the famous White Pass Railway on our return to Whitehorse....

3.0 hours    Nov 15 to Apr 15    From: CAD 699.00
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We will visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where you’ll have the opportunity to view and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat. Dalls sheep, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, wapiti (elk), woodland caribou, wood bison, musk-ox, moose and even lynx can all seen on this tour, usually up close! To cap of a great day, we’ll travel to the nearby Eclipse Nordic Hot Springs. The outdoor...

5.0 hours    Nov 15 to Apr 15    From: CAD 219.00
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On our Best Value Aurora Viewing tour, you’ll discover scenic Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital; surrounded by endless mountains. On successive evenings, you’ll travel just outside the city centre, but far enough from the city lights to an idyllic Northern Lights viewing location, the AuroraCentre. The evenings will feature relaxing Northern Lights viewing beside a cozy wood stove or roaring...

4 days    Nov 15 to Apr 15    From: CAD 789.00
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Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to enjoy the tranquility of the Yukon wilderness and to photograph the stunning Yukon landscape. On our half day snowshoeing tour, you’ll get to strap on a pair of lightweight modern snowshoes and experience the rugged backcountry just like the gold miners, trappers and fur traders of days gone by. Tour visits a scenic location in the Whitehorse area...

3.5 hours    Nov 15 to Mar 31    From: CAD 149.00
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Enjoy a half day experiencing the Yukon’s winter wilderness of Buck and White Fang, as described by famous Klondike Gold Rush author Jack London. After meeting your team of Alaskan huskies, you’ll watch the dogs getting harnessed and hooked up to the sled, and then we’ll hit the trail! Our tour provides a scenic ride through the serene backcountry, allowing you to take in the majesty and...

4.5 hours    Nov 15 to Mar 31    From: CAD 369.00
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One of the most sought-after Northern experiences, a Yukon winter vacation is only complete with viewing the aurora borealis cascading across the Yukon night sky.
A chemical light reaction caused when solar energy interacts with the Earth’s atmosphere, producing dramatic, dancing waves of green light from one horizon to another the Northern Lights have captivated viewers since the...

4.0 hours    Nov 15 to Apr 15    From: CAD 149.00
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Experience the Yukon wilderness at a faster pace on our half day snowmobile tours in the stunning mountains above Whitehorse surrounding Fish Lake. The roar of the snowmobile engine and the speed of travel along the trail are infectious Along the trail, the guide will point out the tracks of the many species of wildlife that patrol the Yukon forest, including the tracks of 2 large groups of...

4.5 hours    Nov 15 to Apr 15    From: CAD 319.00
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Our cross country skiing tour offers a variety of cross country skiing experiences providing participants with a taste of the spectacular Yukon landscape in winter and the most fun you can have on two skiis!

Perhaps surprisingly, Canada’s Yukon boasts one of the country’s most avid cross country ski communities. Yukoners are passionate cross-country skiers and have developed several...

8 days    Mar 3 to Apr 7    From: CAD 2,250.00
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Join us as we travel overland from the Pacific to the Arctic, along snow covered highways and roadways built of ice along ancient wildlife corridors, and traditional trading routes of First Nations traders - later used by Klondike Gold Rush prospectors and NWMP patrolmen.  

The route offers some of the greatest geographic diversity in the country; the Tombstone Mountains in the central...

8 days    Feb 21 to Mar 28    From: CAD 4,319.00
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