Job Description

Arctic Range Adventure, one of Yukon's leading outdoor adventure companies, is looking for a few exceptional adventure guides to work day and multi-day trips in the Yukon. Here is the most fanscinating landscape in the north west, and Arctic Range Adventure is a great company to work for.  We also recognize that guides are the most important factor in providing excellent adventure trips. We want the best.

We know that a road trip is a social event as much as it is a wilderness or backcountry adventure, and guides are the catalysts that make the event what it is. Guides set the tone. Good guides can make an otherwise bad trip a good trip, and they can make an otherwise OK trip an excellent one. They do this through the energy they put into the trip. Not just the physical energy, but the social energy. Good guides have strong social skills. They care about people, and are sensitive to their needs.  They are entertaining, engaging, and fun to be with.

Necessary skills:

  • Good organizational skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Good knowledge of local history and geography or willingness to acquire this knowledge
  • Must be able to work alone
  • Physically active
  • Fluency in English and one of the following languages: Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Chinese or Korean
  • First Aid Certificate & CPR
  • Driver’s license (minimum 2 years)


  • Very competitive salary
  • Training and certification programs are supported
    Supplementary company training
  • Pro-purchase programs available for major outdoor gear companies (40% of regular retail price)
  • Guaranteed days per season
  • Top notch equipment to use

What Next?