When we stand under the Yukon sky surrounded by mile upon mile of winter wilderness, we can’t help but think of what the ancients, our ancestors might have thought as they too stood spell bound by the Aurora Borealis. It’s little wonder that they believed the Northern Lights to be the spirits of the departed or the Gods themselves

Yukon is one of the best places on earth to see the northern lights – colorful bands of light that dance in the dark night sky. While the northern lights occur year-round, summer’s near-constant daylight makes seeing them next to impossible. In winter, however, clear, dark nights lend themselves to stunning displays. Sightings are also possible during the “shoulder seasons” of early spring and into the fall, when less daylight leads to darker night skies.
Experience the magic of the northern sky at our AuroraCentre in the comfort of our insulated yurts with a steaming hot drink.

Our location has pristine, unhindered views across the horizon which lets you enjoy the phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis to it's fullest. Yes folks, the Aurora Borealis is alive and kicking all over the Yukon and speaking from years of experience, we highly recommend the Yukon as a Northern Lights holiday destination.

Interesting facts:

  • Displays take place as low as 40 miles above the Earth's surface, but usually begin about 68 miles above and extend hundreds of miles into space.
  • Clear skies and darkness are essential to see the northern lights. If you stay 3 nights in Whitehorse, you have an 97% chance of seeing them.
  • Almost all planets in the solar system have an aurora of some sort.