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Amazing Northern Lights Experience - Whitehorse YUKON

I flew to Whitehorse only for 1 night in the hope to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). It was a risk as they don't come out every night, but it paid off. At approx 3am the lights came out and it was spectacular. The whole experience is amazing, Arctic Range Adventures came and picked me up form the hotel and drove us to the location. There are huts with open fires and hot drinks to keep warm as well as a teepee we could go into to roast marshmallows.Top notch guides who go out of their way to look after you and ensure you get the best experience. I highly recommend that everyone has a camera tripod for the experience, as the photos will come out more clear and sharp. Without the tripod the photos may come out a little blurry. Highly recommend this experience... you wont be disappointed! As a side note the Whitehorse locals are beautiful, super friendly and will help you on your way. Whitehorse is a place to remember!

Author: Leese D
Date: Thu, 2013-02-21
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