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Motonobu Himeno

Tour Guide: Motonobu Himeno

No winter visit is complete without trying out this exciting and uniquely northern pastime! I came to Yukon 2011 to fulfill my lifetime dream of soaking up myself in mother nature. Often people ask me what exactly it is I find so appealing about Yukon. Yes, it is cold and isolated. But there is some of Most Beautiful parts of the nature untouched by human, just out there around Whitehorse. If you hit the roads to North, you will arrive in Old capital city of Yukon, called Dawson where there was Gold Rush 100 years ago. 100000 people with Canadian dream tried to reach but only 2000 live there now. From there, there is a road called Dempster High way which is only highway in Canada accessible to Arctic. You will experience crossing tundra, tree line and arctic circle. It's simply magical. Nature is the greatest and most accomplished artist in the world and the natural beauties that characterizes these places are amazing and will make you wanna look into them immediately. If you ever want to escape the reality, Yukon is the place to go. It will awaken your pioneer spirit and you will encounter some of the most amazing visuals you'll ever see.

Language: English, Japanese
Position: Lead Guide
Start Date: 2012
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