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Keigo Tokura

Tour Guide: Keigo Tokura

In winter season in the Yukon, it is usually very cold and dark. But as soon as you meet the Yukoner, your impression of the Yukon will be totally changed. The Yukoners are very warm and kindness, so you may forget how cold it is. I have been in Canada since 2011. I have spent the most of time in Whitehorse in the Yukon. Because I like winter activities up here. I have done Cross country ski, Biathlon, Skidooing, Ice skating, Ice fishing and Back country ski in cold weather with warm-hearted Yukoners. Of course I have seen beautiful northern lights. I saw the bright northern lights in February, like a moving curtain, popping up one after another. I could see even pink colour. Guess what? It was Valentine's Day. I hope I see you soon, the marvelous of nature gives you special gifts.

Language: English, Japanese
Position: Lead Guide
Start Date: 2013
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