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Johanie Bolduc

Tour Guide: Johanie Bolduc

Hello everyone, I from Quebec the french part of Canada and I am so happy to be in Yukon. I came here 10 years ago in Whitehorse for biathlon competitions and I always wanted to come back.

I finished my studies at college in adventure tourism about 4 years ago. In the passed years I have been guiding 2 winters in a National Park in Chile (South America) and one summer in U.S.A as a trekking guide and as a porter. I have worked as well as a ski patroler and the three last summers as a canoe guide in Quebec.

I really love sports and outdoor, I can not imagine not working outside! When I have a day off I go for the exploration of the mountains and the beautiful landscape as well I do cross country skiing, snowshoeing and backcountry snowboarding.This summer I want to explore the rivers as well.

I am a traveller, I am a dreamer when I dream something I want to do it! The last winter I was in Asia for 7 months and now I feel like I have to be here in Yukon. People here are great I have met many travellers and many people from different countries.

Language: English, French, Spanish
Position: Junior Guide
Start Date: 2016
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